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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Sri V. V. Brahmam

Tractor needed

The Ashram aims to grow as many crops as possible such as rice, legumes and vegetables to meet the daily requirements of all the inhabitants including the children and elderly people in the Orphan school and Spiritual home. Market prices of these provision have risen very much lately and continue to rise and food self-sufficiency is a measure chosen to counter this situation.


The Ashram owns three agricultural stretches of land each several acres in size, one in Avulatippayyapalli, and the other two in Bondaleedu. For cultivating the fields a tractor has to be rented regularly incurring substantial expenses. Financial support for buying a tractor is therefore sought.


Estimated cost including basic farming equipment: Rs 6 lakhs (Rs 600,000).



How to proceed if you decide to support the Ashram financially or materially:

Kindly visit the account details page and the contact page for further information. Your attention is much appreciated.