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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Sri V. V. Brahmam

Take part financially and/or materially in the Ashram activities

Thank you for your interest in supporting the activities of the Ashram. There are many things going on. The Ashram aims to serve as an instrument for people wishing to carry out humanitarian help. Financial aid goes directly to the intended purpose without any deductions hidden or declared.


Here are activities and projects of the Ashram which depend on financial help from sponsors. If you have another humanitarian project or goal in mind which you would like to realize, the Ashram is ready to listen.


How to proceed if you decide to support the Ashram financially or materially:

Kindly visit the account details page and the contact page for further information. Your attention is much appreciated.



Orphan Residential Upper Primary School

Additional employees sought: Currently the Ashram is seeking financial help for hiring two caretakers for the boys section and one teacher and one caretaker for the girls section. Each person will be paid a monthly salary of Rs 4000. Meals and shelter will be provided.

Amount required: Rs 4000 montly for each employee


Child sponsorship: Sponsor a child in the Orphan Residential Upper Primary School. The monthly amount of Rs 2000 will cover all necessities including clothes, shoes, writing utensils, notebooks, textbooks, soap, hair oil, tooth powder,  laundry soap, bedsheets, medicine, first aid needs, tailoring expenses, meals and eatables.

Amount required: Rs 2000 monthly for one child


Girls school development: In the girls section in Maddalapalle five additional rooms must be constructed. One kitchen, one dormitory and three classrooms. For more information please see the dedicated page.

Amount required: Rs 4 lakhs per room (Rs 400,000)



Spiritual Home for the Elderly

Attendants needed: The Ashram is currently seeking financial help to hire one caretaker, one sweeper and one assistant cook for the Spiritual home. A monthly salary of Rs 4000 will be paid to each employee.

Amount required: Rs 4000 montly per employee


Sponsor an elderly person: Sponsors are sought for the members of the Spiritual home for the elderly. Rs 2000 monthly for one person will cover essentials including meals, a cot, bedsheets, pillow, mosquito net, soap, hair oil, laundry soap and other basic necessities.

Amount required:  Rs 2000 monthly for one person


Material help: Medicine and clothing is sought for members of the Spiritual home for the elderly. Either as financial or direct material help.

Amount required: Kindly contact us for details.


Solar energy: Solar energy generator for the Spiritual home for the elderly. Estimated cost: Rs 1 lakh.

Amount required: Rs 1 lakh (Rs 100,000)



Medical doctor

Ashram doctor: The Ashram needs one permanent medical doctor for both the orphan children and the seniors. For hiring the doctor a salary of Rs 20 000 per month is sought.

Amount required: Rs 20 thousand per month (Rs 20,000 monthly)



Agricultural work

Tractor: A tractor is needed for agricultural work in the Ashram fields. Please see a separate page for more information.

Amount required: Rs 6 lakhs (Rs 600,000)




Yagasala construction: A structure for sacred fire ceremonies will be built in the Bondaleedu branch for the benefit of the surrounding areas. Please see the Bondaleedu development page for further information.

Amount required: Rs 5 lakhs (Rs 500,000)



Divine statue

Statue construction: A 10m divine statue of either Dakshinamurthy or Kumaraswami will be built in the Bondaleedu branch of the Ashram for the benefit of the surroudning villages. Please see the Bondaleedu development page for more details.

Amount required: Rs 10 lakhs (Rs 1,000,000)