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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Sri V. V. Brahmam

Bondaleedu branch development

The Ashram began developing the new branch in Bondaleedu in 2014. Currently the following projects are planned and financial assistance is sought.



A Yagasala will be constructed with sixteen pillars in a four by four arrangement with a roof and open sides. The purpose of the Yagasala is to conduct daily homas (sacred fire ceremonies) with participation of people from the surrounding villages for the benefit of all.


Estimated cost: Rs 5 lakhs (Rs 500,000).


Statue of either Dakshinamurthy or Kumaraswami

A 10m high statue is planned either of Dakshinamurthy to whom Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi is equated since both Dakshinamurthy and Ramana Maharshi taught through silence or of Kumaraswami (also known as Lord Subrahmanya, Skanda or Muruga) of whom Ramana Maharshi is said to have been an incarnation.


Estimated cost: Rs 10 lakhs (Rs 1,000,000).




How to proceed if you decide to support the Ashram financially or materially:

Kindly visit the account details page and the contact page for further information. Your attention is much appreciated.